*last updated November 18, 2020

Are Face Masks or Coverings required?

Face Masks/Facial Coverings are 100% REQUIRED at Attico, this includes when checking in for your reservation or riding the elevator. You must have BOTH your nose AND your MOUTH fully covered. Masks may ONLY be removed while eating or drinking. If you're placing your order or your table has been cleared we require that you wear a mask for the duration of your reservation. Any meandering or mingling in the restaurant is prohibited in order to ensure proper social distancing between tables/guests. Attico has a "Zero-Tolerance Policy" in regards to respecting proper use of your mask and social distancing. If management has to ask you to properly Mask-Up more than once you may be asked to leave. The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority and it must not take be taken lightly.

Are you taking reservations? Do you accept walk-ins?

In order to serve our valued guests as safely & fairly as possible, reservations are highly recommended. Yes, we do accept walk-ins, but on a "first-come, first served" basis and only if we have the availability. To be on the safe side we recommend that you call us prior to popping in to see what we have available or if we are currently on a Wait/or to be added to our Waitlist.

What if I need to adjust the date, time, or party size of my reservation AFTER I booked online or over the phone? What if we are running late? What if we arrive on time for our reservation but our party size is not complete?

You may adjust your reservation online if you booked through our booking widget by modifying your through the link or your email. Or you may call us at 267-536-5725. We ask that adjustments be made at least 48 hours prior to your reservation time. There is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate requests made after you have booked. If you are running late, please CALL the restaurant ASAP to let our reservationist or manager know AHEAD OF TIME. Your reservation time/duration begins at your confirmed reservation time, NOT the time your party is sat if running late and NOT when the last guest(s) in your group arrives. Any reservation booked after 5pm must be complete/fully arrived parties to be sat. We will hold a table for up to a maximum of 15 minutes before marking it as "No-Call/No-Show" if no guest has called or arrived. Please see our "No-Call/No-Show" policy and fees below.

What if it rains? Is there covered seating? What if we need to cancel on short notice? What if we forgot we made a reservation with you? What are you current reservation policies?


CANCELLATION POLICY: We ask that cancellations be made NO LESS than 48 hours prior to your reservation.

LATE CANCELLATION POLICY: For "late" cancellations after your 48-hour window, you will be subject to a fee of $30/per guest in your confirmed reservation that will be applied to the debit or credit card you placed on file with us when booking your reservation online or over the phone.


NO-CALL/NO-SHOW POLICY: ALL "No-Call/No-Shows" will be subject to a fee of $40/per person that will be applied to the debit or credit card you placed on file with us when booking your reservation online or over the phone. You may be considered a "No-Call/No-Show" if you do not give us a courtesy call if running late prior to your reservation and we may not be able to accommodate if you are more than 15 minutes late. If you made a reservation with us and then forgot, you will be subject to a fee of $40/per guest in your reservation.

RAIN OR INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: Due to current PA regulations and in the event of rain or inclement weather, we cannot guarantee that you will be sat or moved to a table inside or under covered seating. We seat our guests in the order of the reservations times, not when they arrive. Sadly, if we are unable to honor your reservation due to inclement weather & subsequently limited seated, we will happily re-schedule your reservation for a future date at no charge! If you are worried or confused about this policy, feel free to give us a call for some clarity! If you need to cancel your reservation due to active inclement weather there is no charge. 

Do you have any time restrictions or limits on reservations? How long will we have our table for?

Yes, at this time all reservations have a maximum table duration of 1.5 hours.


Can I request a table by my friends/family who also have a reservation at the same time? Can we combine our tables if nearby?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting seating preferences or requests at this time. For example: we CANNOT accommodate requests for multiple reservations to sit nearby each other or to combine tables due to social distancing. We cannot add extra chairs (more than the tables maximum seating) to tables at this time, even if the chair fits...Please call in advance with any hopeful changes to your reservation! We are only accepting 1 reservation per group / household.

What is the maximum amount of guests I can make a reservation for on the rooftop?

Effective 11/20/20, we will only be accepting reservations for up to 4 guests maximum and only offering outdoor seating. Children are included in the maximum guest count of 4. Attico is 21+ after 5pm.

One of the guests in my group/reservation is under 21, can they still come after 5pm if they are not drinking?

NO. Attico is strictly 21+ for all guests in your party after 5pm, no exceptions. If an underage guest is found to be consuming alcohol, we will have to ask the entire party to leave. 

Can I make a reservation for "just drinks"? What if we are coming from dinner elsewhere, do we still have to order food if we want to consume alcohol? Do I have to order an entree in order to drink?

Alcohol may only be served for on-premise consumption while dining at Attico when in the same transaction as a “meal”. A meal is = to any food item on the menu. Each guest drinking alcohol at the table is required to purchase at least ONE food menu item of a sort (per Governor Wolf as of July 2020).

What if we have a reservation at 10:30pm and are running late?


Our last reservation for the evening is taken and accepted no later than 10:30pm, Our kitchen closes at 11pm sharp. All food orders must be full or complete orders and in not later than 11pm. Unfortunately, if you show up for your reservation after 11pm, even if you called, we will not be able to honor your reservation.

If we have a late night dinner reservation, say 10:30pm, and one of the guests in our group arrives after 11pm, will they still be able to order food?

Unfortunately, no. If a guest in your party shows up for your reservation after 11pm and the final food order has been sent to the kitchen we will not be able to allow your guest to consume alcohol. Please see "Meal Policy" explained above,

Do you offer separate or split checks?

At this time we are not offering separate or split checks for multiple reasons, but primarily for the sake of less contact between our staff and our guests for your safety. Each table will receive only (1) bill. Contactless pay is available at the bottom of your receipt. Please come prepared, for we are not flexible on this policy.


Is your bar open?

Yes! But, there is currently NO service directly from the bar. You may not order a drink or food through a bartender or at the bar, you may not sit at the bar while waiting for the restroom, etc. All orders must go through your Server. If you need immediate assistance for something, please request to speak to one of our managers on duty. 

We are celebrating a birthday, do you allow cakes/cupcakes? Are you BYOB? What is your corkage fee?

Due to COVID absolutely NO outside food or beverages are permitted, including water bottles or personal canteens of a sort. We do not permit BYOB nor do we have a Corkage Fee for we have a plethora of options to choose from. If there is something you are hoping for during your dining experience, give us a call in advance to see if we carry that product or a similar/comparable product.


We have a reservation with you  and we are celebrating a special occasion, can we bring our own decor?

As beautiful as they can be...we do not typically allow decor for standard reservations due to many factors, but mainly for it can be distracting and or take away from our other guests dining experience with us. If you are hoping to bring something in particular, please call in advance to see if we will allow. Any decor brought must be approved and noted in your reservation in advance by our General Manager. Balloons/confetti/glitter are NOT permitted and we are not flexible on this policy. Please refrain from brining any glass objects such as picture frames and candle votives.

Do you have a question that we didn't answer?

Please call us at 267-536-5725 with any questions or feel free to email us at info@atticorooftop.com.

We want to thank you in advance for your understanding during these trying times & we look forward to serving you!